The Main Steps In Wood Pellet Production

Wood pellets produced from softwoods are manufactured, during a wood pellet production, just like pellets produced from hardwood. The purchase price variation between softwood and hardwood pellets shows the woods cost, not necessarily the heating efficiency. Softwood pellets supply extra heat energy. At the wood grinding stage, the softwood is prepared by the mill for pelleting through chipping and also milling it till it’s as good as sawdust. If it’s currently in small pieces, it’s prepared to use the way it is; if not a hammer mill could help reduce it to whichever fineness it requires to be for pelleting.

At the wood drying stage, a good kiln or oven dries the softwood ground to the moisture level in between six and twenty percent, with respect to the reliability of the wood. Certain moisture is essential for pelleting, however an excess is bad. For mixing, consistency is major to good pelleting, so mixers incorporate various groups of ground wood to equalize the moisture content along with elements. The mixers might also incorporate other components to increase quality.

The pelleting equipment heats as well as presses the ready ground softwood straight to molds in the form of the completed pellets. The lignins within the wood react to heat by simply holding the softwood elements together just like glue will. When the pellets are free of moisture, packagers seal off the pellets into moisture proof bags and should be all set for storage as well as shipping.