How to take good Care of your Ice Block Machine

An ice block machine is very affordable, but it is not cheap so you need to make sure that you take good care of your ice block machine if you want to prolong its service life and make sure that it will perform at its best. There are different ways on how you can simply care for your ice block maker. It is very costly to buy new ice block machine especially nowadays when money is very hard to come by. You need to be practical if you want to save money.

It is important to turn off the power as you clan you ice block machine. It is strictly prohibited to use alkaline, acidic, and other cleaning solvents when cleaning the body of your equipment. It is better if you will make use of neutral detergent for cleaning your ice block maker. You also need to avoid washing the water pipe directly to the body of the machine. The water supply hose must be opened every two months in order to clean the filter inlet valve and avoid intake infarction that can cause by impurities or sands.

You need to sweep all dust on its condenser surface at least every two months. You can also make use of a vacuum cleaner or a small brush in cleaning the device. It is strictly prohibited to use any sharp metal tool when cleaning the machine. Make sure that you will clean the sink, water pipe and the ice storage every 2 months. If you will not use you ice block machine for a very long time especially during winter, you need to clean the machine and make sure that it is properly dried before storing it. You need to place your machine in well ventilated and dried place. Avoid putting your machine in an open air.